Posted by: admiralfrum | January 17, 2010

Retrospective on Winter’s Summer

Well, at long last I’m back in school. Winter break was nice, I went to Australia to chap two summers in one year. The long and short of it – there I met some fine yiddishe maidels (including my grandmother, auntie, and cousin) and had a nice time out on the town. I learned a lot about myself but not everything worked out – if you catch my drift. A little disappointing, but the trip was still worth it. I wrote a good 30 pages of thoughts in my diary, so hopefully some of that content will drift its way over here.

Shout outs to MORDECHAI, who got engaged last week and whose lechaim I missed because my damn phone wasn’t working. Mazel Tov!



  1. I paint in the summer mostly. So say I have 30 summers left. That’s how I look at life. I like to paint outside in summer, so if I go to a warm place in the middle of winter I could have 60 summers left. Or if I go to two warm places I could have 90 summers – that means I could live 90 more years in 30 years. (Julian Schnabel in conversation with Linda Yablonsky)

    • It’s a good way to view things. I recently read an interview with David Frum, where he said that he realized the shortness of life when he started listening to Audiobooks. With text you imagine that you can read all the books in the world. With audiobooks, each one takes several hours and when spread over your free time might take a week to get through. So even if you spend a lot of time at it, you can’t possibly get through all of the ‘good’ books in a lifetime. You have to be choosy, and choose wisely.

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