Posted by: admiralfrum | January 17, 2010

The Game Plan

School just started now, and to be frank I’m a little burned out. Last semester (and the summer before it and the semester before…) was a long hard slog, and now I want to end things with a bang. Other than my senior project, I’m trying to pack the semester with gut classes. Nothing but easy living from now on. I didn’t get into the autism seminar and my yiddish professor isn’t feeling well enough to teach, so now it will be nothing but 600-student cakewalks full of athletes.
Here’s what I want to do every day:

  • Wake up before dawn
  • Learn Chassidus
  • Daven well
  • Eat breakfast with a tall glass of scotch and a big cigar
  • Sleep until classtime
  • Ride my bike around town
  • Take another nap
  • Read with a cigar (I’m thinking of starting Pride and Prejudice)
  • Go shooting (we’re starting up the rifle team again here)
  • Smoke and drink some more
  • Give some speeches and hang out with friends
There doesn’t seem to be enough time to fit it all in so I think I might have to do only one each day. A day of learning, a day of davening, a day of drinking, a day of sleeping, a day of reading, a day of biking, and a day of shooting. There you have it – a complete week! I’m going to go on vacation after graduation (iy”h), so there’ll be plenty of time for that then. I just feel that with all the pressure I’ve kind of lost touch with myself, that I no longer feel bien dans ma peau. At any rate, a healthy dose of nothing ought to take care of that. It’s gonna be good :-)

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