Posted by: admiralfrum | November 27, 2009

Absinthe + Dremel = Cutting Glass

mmmmm.... Delicious.

Those of you who know me may be aware that I made Absinthe a while back. Yes, it’s the real kind and no, there’s nothing psychoactive or special about it.

When I started I wanted a drip fountain for it, but everything out there was too large, too precocious, or too expensive. For someone like me (alone drinker) a small one made sense, such as the kind made by the folks at But even these were too expensive and bulky, and don’t fit the light-travelling low-spending philosophy of a bochur like me.

I bought a little brass spigot from (~$10) and installed it on a plastic seltzer bottle, but it didn’t feel classy enough. Incidentally the tap had the stupid Prop 65 sticker  – contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. As long as I’m outside of California I figure I’ll be safe.

This past week I bought a Dremel, and a tungsten carbide cutter to go with it. Although diamond wheels are better for glass, WC still holds its own. I can finally make a decent fountain. I started drilling – it takes forever and is really noisy. I didn’t want to crack the glass, and I hope I don’t get silicosis. Pics will follow when complete. It felt great to be able to make work on it after a year of lacking the means.

Next up for the dremel is a pesky trigger lock that has broken on one of the $3,000 target rifles for the rifle team. I hate trigger locks. The key fits but the mechanism is jammed. The gun is a gorgeous Walther, unused since ROTC was banned from campus in 1969. My current team rifle has a very heavy trigger spring, and is a little on the heavy side.

If I feel really dangerous, I might even try this:

[EDIT: Completed fountain visible here]


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