Posted by: admiralfrum | October 19, 2009

Ahoy there!

Dear Reader,

Good evening, and welcome to the first post of my blog! Life’s whimsical ways have placed me in a rather unique position – though a BT from a young age, I have now floated my way up to the highest echelons of ivory-towered academia. My interests are idiosyncratic, and not always appropriate for what people think a-good-chassidic-admiral-such-as-yourself ought to be interested in. Well interests they remain, and I intend to air them out in in the public forum for everyone to see and comment upon. I don’t really like the concept of anonymity, so please consider this little work of mine to be a constructed identity. I will be honest and forthright, and if there is reason for me to reveal myself – perhaps I will. I hope that you will find my writing interesting, well-written, and personal.

Though the immediate stimulus for this project is my Thermodynamics midterm tomorrow morn (I procrastinate), a few bloggers have been great inspirations for me. Your efforts are appreciated to no end:

The Shaigetz

The early work of Tzemach Atlas

Hirshel Tzig


Heshy Fried

A good evening, a gut’n choidesh and a gut’n yohr. Der Eibishter should bentch us all.

~Admiral Frum



  1. which Lubavitcher calls himself a “Chabadsker?”

    this is weird.

    lots of luck. Let’s see how long you last!

    • I did. I see that you did too over here: Is it derogatory?


  2. oh, and why would you not put me in your links?!

    • Still under construction. You’re there now.

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